CloudWire offers 3 monthly SEO packages that are priced to suit every budget

$300 /month
5 Hours of
SEO Services

To compete against
weak online competition

$850 /month
2 Days of
SEO Services

To compete against
moderate online competition

$1870 /month
1 Week of
SEO Services

To compete against
strong online competition

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Have It All !

Every package includes ALL our services, only the amount of time we devote to your website's SEO needs is different.
Compare this to our competition's SEO pricing structure.

  • We do not limit the type of SEO services offered in each package
  • We do not make you upgrade just to get an SEO service you need


SEO Questions Why Do We Offer SEO This Way?

The SEO needs of every website will change over time depending on your competition.  For this reason, only the amount of time we spend on your SEO is calculated and not the type of SEO services we provide you. This way, you can compete against other websites at a price you can afford. We are confident that once you see how well SEO works, you will not question the price. In most cases our SEO efforts will show results in 3 to 6 months depending on your competition's SEO efforts.


Which SEO Package Is Most Suitable?

If you have no experience with the benefits of SEO, we can provide you with an assessment of your competition's online strength for specific keywords of your choice. This will help our marketing team suggest the most suitable package for your website and it will help you know what makes sense for your business.


SEO Services

  • Keyword Research - what terms are your prospective customers searching on?
  • Winnable Keywords - what terms can we compete against and win traffic to your website
  • Optimize website - ensure coding is search engine friendly
  • Back-link Building - assess the popularity of your website and establish links back to yours
  • Content Building - write fresh new page content full of those winnable keywords
  • On page SEO - optimize elements on each page for those winnable terms
  • Social Media - Update social media platforms to maintain exposure
  • Reputation Management -When your company, products, or services need to combat negative ratings, we can help.
  • Conversion - Techniques to turn website traffic into paying customers!
  • Customized Reports - See how effective our SEO strategies are working.
  • Extra Service - If you want proof that our marketing strategies are working, we can set up a Toll-free phone service to track new customer conversions through your website.


What we need from you

Website SEO ContentWe can't do this alone and we will not burden you. You know your customers best, you know your products and/or services best. We know websites, SEO, and marketing. By combining our strengths your website has a foundation for success.  So here is what we need from you to reach your goals:

  • A minimum commitment of 6 months to prove ourselves! We believe after that you won't want us to stop!
  • Help us with content ideas to answer the questions your target market is asking. We will write the content, you just have to approve it.

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CloudWire provides local SEO results for your area as well as Niagara and Hamilton Ontario areas