Google Apps For Work

For those who want more for less and pay only $5/mth for each staff person...


Google Apps for work LogoCommunicate


  • Email - Synchronize emails across all your devices
  • Hangouts - Text your contacts or converse on live video
  • Calendar - Keep track and alert you to upcoming events
  • Contacts - Directory of your contacts available on all devices
  • Groups -  Manage and participate in online discussions.


Storage & Backups


  • Drive - Synchronizes important files and provides a backup
  • Vault - Add archiving and eDiscovery to all your emails and chats




  • Docs - Allows multiple people to work on one word processing document
  • Sheets - Online spreadsheets and easy to create charts 
  • Forms - Provide quick online surveys and questionnaires
  • Slides - Create beautiful presentations with the help of others



Admin - Add users, manage their accounts, configure security and devices.


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Horning Corporation is a Google Apps Authorized Reseller serving Grimsby and the Hamilton and Niagara Ontario regions.