Website Maintenance Plans

For those who want us to look after their website for them...

Save the expense of hiring additional staff and instead use our team to update content, upload photos, and manage modules. Our monthly maintenance plans keep your costs on budget and your website growing.

By subscribing to our monthly maintenance plans, you receive hourly rates that are significantly lower than our normal Retail* rates. There are two levels of Service Agreements available.


Content Services

Too busy? No worries! Our team of professionals will update content for you.

Plan Monthly Price Average Hourly Cost Expected Time Allocation
Web Update Lite $120 $40 3 hrs /mo
Web Update Basic $285 $38 1 day /mo
Web Update Advanced $1,275 $34 1 week /mo


Admin Services

If you are a customer with extra demands needing advanced services, we provide access to our senior resources on a prepaid, discounted basis. These resources are available to provide the following services: 

  • Training
  • Presentations
  • Project Management
  • Security Permission Updates
  • Software Security Updates
  • System Revision Upgrades
  • Website Updates
  • Consulting and Meetings


Plan Monthly Price Average Hourly Cost Expected Time Allocation
Programming Package 1 $180 $60 3 hrs /mo
Programming Package 2 $448 $56 1 day /mo
Programming Package 3 $2,000 $50 1 week /mo
Programming Package 4 $7,500 $45 full time

*Regular Retail Rates:

  • HTML $45/hr
  • Design $60/hr
  • Programming $75/hr